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Safeway Support Ticket - Rude cashier Teri

Safeway Support Ticket

Rude cashier Teri - Already in comment field

Created By: mellchaky's Picture mellchaky Last Reply: mellchaky's Picture mellchaky
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 5 years ago Last Updated: 5 years ago
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Product: Already in comment field

I went to my neighbourhood Safeway (redwood city CA sequoia station)with my 9mths baby girl, my Awesomeness almost 3yr old boy and my father to get my WIC supply and do a few shopping. We were done with shopping in less than 15mins, then we lined up for checkout, two long lines, we chose the shorter one. I lined up my WIC shopping to make it easier for the cashier. I had 4 WIC checks and other grocery. My son was sitting in the cart and after waited 15mins in line he started to get tired. People left the line for the other cashier but we were close so I didn't want to move.
We came up to cashier Teri, gave her my WIC checks already in order, according to how I unloaded my shopping, she was very slow, then she kept talking to another employee, at this time, my son was tired, started touching the payment machine, the counter, so I move the cart away so he couldn't reach the machine, cashier Teri turned the machine away (fine with me) but she eyed my son as if he was a terrible kid, she knew nothing about this very special child of mine. Then she ran the last check of my WIC checks, got the receipt, then she noticed she made a mistake, she entered the wrong amount on the check, she didn't say anything, she kept trying to enter infomation, ran the check, kept repeating the process she took forever. The, guy behind me yelled out to the manager to open another line, and they left our line. She took forever to fix the problem and my son wanted to leave, like everyone else. So I asked to cancel that WIC check I will pay for it cash because I gotta go, we spend almost an hour checking out (terrible) she started to get really rude she said, "no you can't leave, you need to pay for your grocery and I need to fix this check because the machine is not taking your WIC check (waving the check in the air) she went on to say something is challenging" mumbling... so I said to her nicely, "as a customer service, you should have apologies for keeping us for a long time, for making a mistake that took you longer to fix it instead of justifying by saying the machine isn't working" this time my son kept saying mom! mom! crying, Teri then rudely said, "I'm not gonna apologies because you have a difficult kid, it must be difficult for you". OH it felt like I've been stabbed in my heart, my son is a month away from turning 3, has difficulty speaking, has ADHD and he is an absolute joy in my family. I rather have 100 kids exactly like my son, than one Teri, people like Teri are bullies, who are judgemental, inconsiderate and shouldn't work on a platform where they have any chance of putting down a kid, disrecpected people because she don't know her/his story. Safeway this is a chance to train your cashier (people that rep your big company) to be respectful, be considerate and not judgemental like Teri. I came home crying to my husband on the phone. I sent an email to your corporate headquater, no reply so far. , I couldn't find a way on my local safeways website to email the manager but this is just find.
Thank you meaduredup!!


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