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Safeway Complaint - Safeway Corporation does NOT employee maintenance/custodial staff!
Safeway Complaint

Safeway Complaint


Safeway Corporation does NOT employee maintenance/custodial staff!

I was recently hired as a 'courtesy clerk' at a Safeway store. I went thru orientation and totally loved the job as I understood it to be during orientation and training. Right after orientation, I was told I would be assigned as 'opener', which I didn't mind. At NO time was I informed that the 'opener' was 99% being a janitor! They have 'floor crews' and 'parking lot crews' assigned at night, but no janitorial or maintenance staff at all! The store is filthy, mold and just general crud built up in tiles and the walls and floors in the restrooms are totally filthy. One person assigned as 'opener' does not have time to get in depth cleaning done, between all the other running they have to do at the cashiers demands and the can and bottle return machines constantly needing tending to. The bathrooms need to be steam cleaned at least weekly and who knows when a deep cleaning has ever been done on any of the bathrooms. Also, only the surface of the entire store is kept 'presentable', the drains in the food prep and storage area's need to be cleaned of the filth and debris that builds up in them and the drains in food areas, coolers, displays in meat/seafood areas, again, would like to know when those drains were last, if ever, cleaned? coolers and freezers on the customer area of the store were constantly backing up and dirty water running on the floor, walk on the tiles feet away from the coolers and water from the backed up drains would be squishing up between the tiles, can only imagine the mold growth that goes along with it! I have worked as a supervisor most of my working life and recently retired and needed a job to supplement my retirement. I was totally ecstatic when hired by Safeway, I had been applying over and over for different positions within the store for almost 2 years and never even got called for an interview! I finally made a fuss about seeing people hired and people leave and always constant vacancies posted on their career web site. After finally making a fuss, I was hired as a 'Courtesy Clerk' having no idea of what it involved until AFTER being put on the "opener' position. I was totally dismayed and distressed at the filth I was faced with. There is absolutely no possible way one person can get the deep cleaning that is needed done daily! And I believe it is totally deceptive that there is no mention in orientation that it is a very good possibility that your assignment as a $9.05 an hour 'Courtesy Clerk' is going to be 99% janitorial, just brushing over the underlying filth to make the area 'presentable' while nothing is really getting done to get the place really clean and sanitary.

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sparrow says: (5 years ago)
and may I add that the store I worked at does not even provide proper equipment to be able to clean? The receiving clerk keeps every supply under lock and key and you have to go and ask for even paper towels and garbage bags! The bathroom 'cleaner' you get doesn't clean anything, tried to use it to clean the scum in the bathroom sinks and it did nothing but smear it around. There was one miserable pair of used Playtex gloves in the cleaning closet. I put them on one time, they were full of old nasty water from previous use and the skin under my fingernails started itching and burning, I was afraid of a bacterial or fungal infection and got home and soaked my hands in antiseptic and mouthwash (having read that mouthwash made a great skin disinfectant) the store also makes courtesy clerks run out every 5 minutes (or less) to 'fix' the can and bottle return. The courtesy clerks are also responsible for removing the filled bins of crushed cans and glass. The 'equipment' supplied for this task is a broken pallet lift. The prongs will not move downward to go to the ground. So to use this pallet jack in a very small operating space to get to the bins, you are expected to somehow be able to manipulate this broken jack in to position, pretty much forcing you to be able to lift the front part up in the air to be able to get the prongs down to the level they have to be to slide under the bins. I will not say how this is often 'accomplished', but safe? absolutely NOT! and they want to preach 'safety, safety, safety'? but not give you needed supplies and or working equipment? honestly? I had to think sometimes when I was called out from being up to my elbows in the bathrooms, cleaning up the filth left behind by others, and got called out to bag some one's groceries, what those people would think if they knew I was handling their groceries right after being in the bathroom a few seconds before, cleaning the filth in them, and those bathrooms are filthy! Take a look sometime behind the toilets, the walls, the sinks, and especially the floors, where there is filth packed in the grouting of the tiles.

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