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Safeway Reviews

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  • Issue

    I had a really bad experience with store manager Russell at Safeway in Livermore, Ca.on 8/10/2015 at 6:00p.m. The costumer service rep who helped me also said how rude he was & that was way over bearing. He was very, very rude to me. Manager Russell followed me around asking me about what type of disabilities I had, To why I have my dog with me & I felt very uncomfortable & told him that I didn't think I had to tell him my diagnosis Right there while a crowd was forming to see what the issue was, He did not care about the other customers standing around looking on. Russell... More...
  • Snack Artist Chips

    I shop at the Safeway Store at 30th and Mission in San Francisco, CA. For the last 3 weeks, they have advertized Snack Artist Chips for $1.34 for 7.5-8oz packs in Just for You Personalized deals. They do not carry them. They used to, but they are not there anymore. All other Safeways do. What is the deal with this store. I have asked at Customer Service and the Check Out Counter. No one seems to know what I am talking about. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Human resources department hiring process

    I was a previous employee of safeway.I was referred by a current employees. I was told that I 100% have the job. But it would take a few weeks to start because of my union status. And they have to jump a few hoops. Well after being in contact with multiple different stores. They kept reassuring me that they working on it and I should be getting a call feom Heidi in the H.R Dept. Well after I had to call her. Because she never called me. She told me they were working on it still. Well now finally after 3months. She finally called me back and told me sorry they dont have any jobs available... More...
  • Rude cashier Teri

    I went to my neighbourhood Safeway (redwood city CA sequoia station)with my 9mths baby girl, my Awesomeness almost 3yr old boy and my father to get my WIC supply and do a few shopping. We were done with shopping in less than 15mins, then we lined up for checkout, two long lines, we chose the shorter one. I lined up my WIC shopping to make it easier for the cashier. I had 4 WIC checks and other grocery. My son was sitting in the cart and after waited 15mins in line he started to get tired. People left the line for the other cashier but we were close so I didn't want to move. We came... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • mickey

    the manager of safeways nite shift let a worker go on break called her to mickeys checkstand & mickey came over to me a customer @ 11ish pm and proceeded to tell me a customer that I was. Going to step out of line & let her yell @ me for I'm not ure what? I told mickey infront of 5 people that ur not my mom I'm an dult and I'm not doing this @ safeway I think she's on something this was my last baf shopping expperience@ safeway thank you I'm surprised safeway employs these kinds of peopl More...

    I purchased a rotisserie chicken from Safeway on Almaden Expwy in San Jose today. I took a bite and it tasted terrible. I proceeded to check the package date and saw that the label had been covered up 3 times!!!! I peeled back the labels to find that the original pack date was 10/26 NINE DAYS AGO. The USDA says that ready made chicken should be eaten within 3 to 4 days. I am horrified that Safeway would do this. I had to miss work today due to a stomach ache and I plan to contact the USDA and Santa Clara Department of Health if Safeway doesn't get back to me on why they would let this... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Poor Customer Service

    I tend to shop in the morning. Safeway at 1425 S. Murray Blvd. in Colorado Springs chooses to have only one lane open in the morning--the express lane. This confuses the customer with more than 15 items, makes me feel you do not value my business. I almost walked off this morning, leaving my cartful of groceries out of irritation. You put me in the position of feeling unwelcome, then loading the conveyor belt while people lined up behind me with, like, 3 items. I had to explain the situation and apologize--offer for others to go first, etc. All while the cashier said not one... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • U shop

    Useless sent emails 45 mins on phone new site is terrible support is useless and you can shove my free eggs(That I still cannot get) back where they came from! store is in concord Ca corner of treat and clayton. From me to you there are many other grocery stores out there you have dropped to my only on a cold day in hell day. More...
  • False Advertisment

    After shopping at safeway I noticed on my receipt that I Qualified for a Custom Apron, it stated to go to to redeem, I typed in this address several times and it does not exsist! The only reason I took the time out to respond to this is because this is not the first time it has happen, I have had other things on my receipt that I qualified for and when I went to the web site it did not exsist. The same thing with the Free Gas, each time I got money towards free gas the stations would not honor it or it was another problem so I just tossed them. Safeway needs to really... More...
  • Bacon

    This is the third time I have purchase safeway bacon that they pad the package with meaty strips on the outside and when I open it all the other bacon is mostly fat. I believe this is deliberate. A real cheap move as far as I am concerned! I feel like I am being ripped off!!!! :-(( They also fold in extra fat on frozen chicken leg quarters which I do not buy any more More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • False Advertising

    30 pack of beer advertised in the weekly Safeway ads flyer for 15.88 on select brands. At the beer case the advertised 30 packs are marked as 16.99. Cash register scan charged 16.99. I called the Thunderbird/7th Street Safeway store manager at 4 PM on Sat 19th to inquire about the discrepancy. She said we change the store price to compete with Fry's supermarket. She clearly admitted fraudulent advertising as a way of normal business. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • False Advertising

    WATCH OUT FOR FALSE ADVERTISING AT SAFEWAY~Looking at their"Super Price Coupon Specials!" it had buy any two Pepsi~Cola 12~packs and get 3 more free plus 1 free participating bag of Tostitos.The regular price for the sodas was $5.99 each,but with the club card they were to be $3.99 each and I used the club card.I was charged $5.99. I spoke up and said I should have been charged the club card price.A supervisor and/or manager was called over.She said that you have to pay the regular price for the items.I asked her where did it say that on the ad and she said that is what it... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • food safety

    rotten organic egg Black mold and a milky liquid filled one end of an organic grade a brown egg. This carton of organic eggs certified by "quality assurance international" was purchased 12/24/2008, expired 1/10/2009 and was opened on 1/1/2009. I consider this grossly contaminated, unbroken, uncracked egg a major failure of safeway, lucerne foods, inc., and organic certifier processing, inspection, handling and food safety requirements. This product from safeway marked with a jan 10 pf 347-p-1686a expiration mark was a major, potentially fatal, food safety failure. It is a... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)


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